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A Diary of a Philophobic

You always jump and quiver when you're coming in to land

The Boy With The Sun In His Head
You can feel my lips undress your eyes. Skin can feel my lips, they tingle tense anticipation on it. This one is an easy one, feel the word and melt upon it.
Words of love. Words so leisured. Words are poisoned darts of pleasure.
- Alexander Kapranos

Oh, she always used to be the same. She'd be loose with a straight dark facial frame. And now the things that used to turn me off, I find endearing. And they laugh behind the trees as she lies naked in the clearing. I adore her, but I ignore her. See, I know it won't last as I reflect upon my past. But on severance she made no difference. There's things I won't let her know, as we're perfecting our show. I want to own her - I think I'll phone her. I can't explore her if I ignore her. And now the things that used to turn me off, I find endearing. And they laugh behind the trees as she lies naked in the clearing. - Aiden Moffat
'zines, 70's, adam and joe, adbusters, add n to (x), adrian tomine, alternative nation(rip), angel, anime, arab strap, awkward silences, babylon 5, bad 80's movies, bad cover versions, bad dubbing, banksy, batfink, beastie boys, belgian documentaries, big pimping, bill hicks, blaxploitation, blue jam, blurrily scanned erogenous zones, bootlegging, booty, bret easton ellis, buffy, cant skate, careless talk costs lives, charles bukowski, cheap porn, chris cunningham, chris morris, christina ricci, cindy sherman, cliff o'malley, clit-hop, cnx, cocktails, comix, d.i.y. aliens, daniel clowes, daria, darren aronofsky, david holmes, dbz, death defying feats, dj shadow, dominoes pizza, doves, drunken bowling, elitism, family guy, festivals, final fantasy, fine wines, first wave, fist of the northstar, flying wang, frankie and benny's, freshly baked bread, futura, general carnage, georges braque, gigs, go-karts, godspeed you! black emperor, graffiti, grand central, grand royal, gratuitous violence, gundam wing, hot spamjavelin action, hypnotic fan heating, ice-t, inanimate sexual partners, inappropriate pez-dispenser usage, inventive revenge, irvine welsh, jay mcinerney, jim jarmusch, john cusack, karen o, kevin smith, kfc mayonnaise, kurt vonnegut, late night poker, laziness, limited editions, lomography, looney toons, mark romanek, melodramatic pauses, milky-milky, mogwai, moldy peaches, monobrows, monosyllabic monologues, nan goldin, national bandit, ninja gideons, nme, old christian slater movies, old vinyl records, onedotzero, penny arcade, pete fowler, photography, pie, pointless nostalgia, popping candy, prevarication, primal scream, princess superstar, pufferfish, red dwarf, redneck presidents, richard linklater, roman coppola, samurai jack, sexy losers, shizzolation, shoddily constructed mixtapes, shynola, skateboard injuries, sleazenation, snorlax, spaced, stileproject.com, swings and roundabouts, tank girl, tenchi muyo, the big lebowski, the cooper temple clause, the equidistant sound, the funk furnace, the non-r.e.m. mike mills, the powerpuff girls, the simpsons, the thermals, thora birch, twisted nerve, unoriginal pirate material, vidz, vv kill, willing concubines, wolfgang tillmans, yodelling in the valley, zz top beards